one thing never ceases to amaze me: how is it possible that on a given saturday, every single person who knows all rules and correct play calling strategy to the game of football – how do they all end up in the stadium, with the loudest ones near me? how is that possible? is there a football pre-test to getting tickets? and how did i sneak in? did the runners-up end up at bw3s?

but really, while at the OSU/Iowa game this weekend, i was quite amazed at how all the folks around me were shouting out a few tips to a coach with just a *few* more years of football coaching experience. i especially loved how, when the lineman jumped offsides at the point of OSU’s near-interception, no less than 3 people informed the lineman of the bonehead move. really. i’m sure he was completely unaware, and when he was yanked from the game he probably went up and asked tressel directly “why am i not still in the game?”

I do appreciate how KLM says it… at the end of the day, they’re just a bunch of young boys. people get all over the quarterback. if memory serves me correctly, he was a true freshman last year, which makes him a sophomore (but again, i somehow squeezed out of taking the admission pre-test of football knowledge). if, indeed, he is a sophomore, the boy cannot even buy his own celebratory malt beverage after the game. but yet, he shall remain error-less, thus saith the football gods. he can’t even rent a car!

but, it was a good game, very exciting at the end. i even found myself yelling out a cheer or two and thinking to myself, “that’s funny. i’m pretty sure whatever i just said won’t be heard on the field.” but that’s what got me thinking about this post.

so, my words of encouragement weren’t heard by the young whippersnappers. but is that the point? is the point the wit and power of my words? probably not. but, by joining in the ruckus that my all-knowing football fans were already making, it did help to be that much louder. if everyone realized that their words of wisdom wouldn’t be heard and everyone was quiet, the atmosphere of the game would be pretty lame. the players would think no one cared. it’d be like tennis.

so maybe this is true in many areas of life. the point isn’t just to be heard, but rather to join in making change. i can write WalMart all the letters i want, and sam walton probably doesn’t care. however my lack of patronizing, alongside several others who make a little noise and choose meijer (or the local a&a), will change the atmosphere. others will feel empowered. i hope.

so, what a lesson from a bunch of football has-beens or never-weres. it’s not so bad to give a little hoot as long as we remember it’s not what we say but the action we intend to inspire.

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