i’m not sure which is more fun: going to a david crowder concert or reliving all of your david crowder experiences while going to a crowder concert. i just don’t know. KLM and i tried to compose a list of the number of times we’ve seen dave (yes, after 10 shows we decided it was appropriate to go first name basis), but there’s no way of getting it in date sequence. we got our photo snapped with him 2 shows ago (lesson learned: when a kid says that he doesn’t know how to use your camera, BELIEVE HIM) and this time we had the VIP access for a meet ‘n greet (spoken with texas accent). K says, “clearly the next logical step is to have dinner with him after the next show.” so, dave (and hogan, jack, the kid, b-whack and the one that i always forget), this is your invitation. i make really good chili.

so a bit of reminicing on my crowder experiences…

1. M sees him in san diego via summer project. i loved summer project. also my introduction to pedicures.
2. K sees him at Youth Specialties after M randomly called her (and didn’t even know her) to say the church would send her to YS, go and enjoy. apparently this is a strange thing, though i didn’t think so at the time.
3. ichthus. i had a rash on my eye. there was no plug for the air mattress. anna barfed in the porta pots before turning around and using them the normal way. K & holly “suffered” through cramming all 5 of them into a hotel room. M also saved the day by sending girls ahead to DC show while holding off the men after they got their way to see (stryper? stryker? some band with equally old men in it).
4. kings island. DC*B opened for michael w. smith and mercy me. we were the only ones standing during dave’s portion. we stayed maybe for 2 MM songs and missed all of MWS. epic cool when you drive 3 hours each way just to see the opener. this is henceforth known as our “prime.”
5. YS. the goal was to catch spittle in a jar. mission failed, but we jumped quite near david’s chucks.
6. YS.
7. YS. (these were all seperate years of YS sightings – not “per show”. i’d list cities but i can’t remember – cinci, atlanta and nashville, perhaps?).
8. grand rapids, MI – opened by shane and shane, it was probably my favorite of shows. toni and wendy were introduced to our madness. they thouroughly enjoyed (but did not jump).
9. grand rapids, MI – DC*B led worship for mars hill. drove extensive number of hours to get there only to find that i was sitting next to a guy from seminary. drove JJ’s car and there may or may not have been an incident with the door / window getting stuck. it was fine. poor holly and alyssa questioned their judgment of trusting M & K as suitable “adult role models.”
10. Columbus, at the Schottenstein. Opened for third day. we didn’t even make it through the 2nd third day song. as we were leaving the young redcoat explained we couldn’t get back in and was quite puzzled when we explained that we had experienced what we came for.
11. cincinnati – pre YS show with third day. this time we stayed for entire show (our company preferred). joined by patty b, wendy and lindsay O. saw third day at the airport when picking up lindsay O. she had been sitting beside them the entire time and had no clue.
12. chicago, IL – at the house of blues. great fun. joined by lori, patty b. and becky, though they didn’t elbow through the crowd or stand firm when cute girls tried to pull an anna.
13. monaca, PA – strange little show in the gymnasium of a church. this was the incident of said picture debacle.
14. detroit, MI – a fantastic show, great blending of old and new. had a hoedown, the keytar showed and rock opera enjoyed. epic. great openers, too.

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