arrow-23645_640Perhaps you haven’t heard the scuttle, but ever-changing Facebook has made some decisions that are less-than-hopeful for small businesses, organizations or people in general who rely on its platform to get the word out. Now visibility will be based upon paid placement to a much larger extent. Womp, womp.

As a blogger this effects me only a little because I don’t use my “professional page” to publicize the blog. However, those pesky little algorithms that decide who sees my personal posts are ever-changing and I just don’t trust it, dang-nabbit.

A few people have asked, so I shall share with you all, that you can subscribe through email  and get my little pontifications whenever I post. Just look to your right. Type your email. Or click this. They shall arrive sometime in the evening before bedtime. (This is new to my old faithful subscribers. Who actually reads at 3am?) This is not an advertising email, you don’t get special offers or anything free. I don’t write anything extra – it’s just the day’s post.

While I do have access to these email addresses, I don’t intend to share them with anyone. Unless they offered me like a million dollars. Then perhaps I would make you, my good friends, go through the trouble of unsubscribing to a few more junk offers each day, but they have services for that now, so my guilt is alleviated. (In all seriousness, I do take privacy pretty seriously. For serious.)

My advice to friends and small businesses: friends, subscribe to emails from businesses you want to hear from on a regular basis. Businesses, give them something to read that makes their life better.

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