When I was in the 4th grade I had my first “boyfriend.” Matt sent a friend, Jackson, to ask me if I’d “go with him”. To where? you ask. The protocol for 4th grade relationships was that we didn’t really go anywhere, but we did it together. Almost holding hands. 

After Jackson made the drop, I remember asking Matt directly if he really had sent the messenger. I just couldn’t believe it. First, it was a boy asking me. Second, it was a boy I had secretly had a crush on for a long time. What were the chances it was reciprocated? 
But Matt did indeed ask me and I stood aghast. I think I asked him another time, just to be sure. You really meant me
Just the other day, H Boy asked if we could do something he regarded as very exciting (watch a movie, maybe?) and I responded, “Yes.” We can? he asked incredulously.
Not even 5 minutes later, he gathered an audience and asked once more – Mom, can we watch a movie after dinner? YES. Irritation started to set in. 
Sometimes the love is too much. We can hardly believe our fortune, so we ask again. And again. Are you sure? we seem to be asking the universe. 
In the places of our deepest pain and regret, we hardly can accept forgiveness. It’s too much to believe. So we ask and we ask and we ask, even after everything we need to believe is made available. We can’t comprehend it because we’re looking at the improbabilities. We see our shortcomings and all the better options around us instead of looking at the One who forgives because it’s His very nature. 
Yes, He is sure. You
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