I have a tendency – a knack, if you will – to sit in a group of people and become inspired to make something happen. Over the course of years, I’ve added to my list of dreams: have church in a bar, open a school, write a book and own my own business – just to name a few. Stick around long enough and you’ll hear me say, “Could we…?”

This morning’s conversation at the preschool followed course. I left with big dreams and feeling as if I wasn’t crazy to a) believe it could happen or b) want it badly enough to do something about it. 
I immediately got in the car and called my sister. Because this is the root of all big dreams. 
Do you know what she spent the afternoon doing, among other things like tending to a sick child, running her house and completing work to try to see her own dreams come to fruition? She’s been researching. Sending me links. Calling me back. 
I believe every person who has done something worth reading about has kept a table full people who empower and encourage while keeping one foot in reality. I don’t need people to tell me I can do something that I can’t because that doesn’t get me anywhere. Inversely, I can do without the people who don’t believe it can be done simply because it hasn’t before. 
I hope you have a sister or friend who hears what you want and dreams alongside you. I’ve been blessed with multiples – a best friend, a partner in marriage and a sister by blood. To have one seems fortunate – to have 3 makes me feel greedy. And grateful. 
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