… and I think we need to calm the $%^& down. Seriously, fellow Christian-folk. Shhhh. Shhhhhhhhh. 

Yay for Phil, or whoever his name is, for “standing firm” in what he believes and not letting a Hollywood life, lived in the deep south, change him. 
BUT. I just saw this whole debacle framed as “preaching the gospel.” My friends, a stance on homosexuality is not the gospel. Telling others they are sinners is not the gospel. 
Jesus is the gospel. His life, death and resurrection is the gospel. The hope and love and joy and peace and all those other things plastered to our mantels this time of year – that’s gospel message. 
We want to be impressed when someone quotes some Bible verses because we believe it’s furthering our cause. Take a look at Jesus’ encounter in Matthew 4 – even the devil can quote a lick or 2 of scripture. I’m not calling Phil Whateverhisnameis “Satan.” I’m saying that mentioning a view, a chapter and a verse doesn’t give him permission to speak for all of Christianity. 
Ol’ Phil-ster will be just fine. He has millions of dollars. He’s not hidden away reading his illicit Bible in an underground cave for fear of his life. “Persecution” is a stretch. Instead he has cameras watching as he pulls out his leatherbound, perhaps duct-taped, beloved Bible. I’m sure Zondervan will start marketing a camo-clad version next week. He’ll be fine
But after our reaction, it’s the world that gives me pause for concern. How will we reach others with the beautiful news that God is With Us, especially in this season, with all of our whining of persecuted lives. Not getting to watch our favorite rednecks on our 42″ flatscreens hardly constitutes a hard life, and perhaps we should get off the couch and find out what the world really needs. 
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