After what LBW calls a good “pin binging” (weeks of nothing and then all of a sudden I can’t stop), I became fully aware of the ways in which this site makes my life difficult. 

Christmas. Not only am I aware of the gifts I must give people in my life, but now I must make them all by hand. With printable tags. Wrapped in burlap. Do you know what Pinterest is doing to the price of burlap?

Printables. Apparently I’m no longer allowed to label with dry erase marker or the old tape-on-with-paper method? I must instead find a cute tag, print it with high-quality resolution colored ink and cut along the dotted lines? Most recent fail: LUNCH NOTE printables. Seriously does the kid hate bad fonts as much as I do? And if so, why are printables using TNR? I resist these out of principle. If you’re going to write a note to your kid, write a note. Not a mad lib.

Food. We’re making it harder than it needs to be, people. You’re making us all look bad when it’s not enough just to celebrate the simple act of making cookies. It seems making them edible isn’t enough (even with the added layer: gluten-free, refined-sugar free, some other form of reducing guilt). Apparently now I have to stamp them to make them pretty? I think the cookies sitting on the plate make them pretty enough.

Upcycling. I love the concept. In theory. The problem is that I never have the supplies on hand. Projects requiring old tshirts and the like? If they’re able to be “upcycled” it means that they lack 3 square inches without stains. Especially the furniture upcycles. I simply don’t have old pallets or bookshelves sitting around in my backyard. To upcycle will actually cost me money. Thus defeating the purpose.

Birthday parties. We were fortunate to have one for Baby C this year. Her first. We ended up with cake, plates and people showed up. Total win in my book. But apparently I missed the mark. I didn’t have a build-your-own station, nor was anything celebratory hanging from the chandelier. (I did however blow up 20 balloons. I think they liked them better than the pom-pom letters, right?) And favors? Pshhh. I THREW A PARTY. YOU ATE CAKE. I’LL BE CLEANING FOR 3 DAYS AFTER YOU LEAVE. (*Thanks, Jen Hatmaker, for blowing the lid off that party foul).

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