When the day started so swell, I had no idea it would end even better. Allow me to recap in list form. 

1. The best parenting advice my sister has ever offered was not to change the clock, but change the kids. So instead of their wintertime 7pm – 7am sleeping (yes, they sleep a lot. And yes, they nap), starting on Sunday we went to an 8-8 setup. Like. A. Charm. I imagine that as time progresses and daylight invades, we might creep into the pre-8 hour, but so far it’s a good gig. 
2. We were dressed, packed and out the door with little-to-no whining. No small feat, especially with the oldest’s inclinations. 
3. I actually accomplished work. Inbox weeded down (I’m slightly anal-retentive about keeping 5 emails, max, all action-required, in my email), phone interviews reviewed and even some resumes rated. Not to mention some very successful calls with the client partners. 
4. Afternoon run in the beautiful sun. I was apprehensive as I was sick last Friday and have been fighting a sinus infection for about 32 years, but it really was the best thing for me. 
5. While on said run, I saw a phenomenally large moving truck down a street of houses much too small to contain such goods. I saw a young mom and 2 kids in the driveway filled with boxes, so I stopped to greet them to the neighborhood (I’m trying to learn how to be a good neighbor). Turns out they’ve been here a while, but her folks are moving to the area and they’ve been delegated the holding tank. But she was exceptionally friendly, a SAHM with 2. We talked sitters, because that’s my recent angst, and though she didn’t know of any she offered to be available if I’m ever in a pinch. We even talked playdate sometime. She has no idea she’s now an unknowing friend victim. MUHAHA. 
6.  Naptime involved all 3, simultaneously. Which gave me time to chat with the BFF and get dinner marinading, involving another batch of homemade ranch dressing. 
7. Hubby was home early and the whole family went out back to tidy up and enjoy the sun. Not to mention grill dinner (kabobs). 
8. Got a text from the papa with a positive message from a potential buyer. FINGERS CROSSED. 
9. An evening walk with the older 2 and the blond dog led to another neighborly chat, this time a mom of a little girl slightly younger than Miss M. Very friendly. Again we talked sitters (is that all moms do? She brought it up before I had a chance!) but she takes her little one with her to Centerville where she works. She must be exploring her options. 
10. Thanks to the pushed back bedtime we got jammied up, had an apple snack and read books til bedtime. And guess how much pre-bed whining there was? Nearly zero. Truly, it’s the quality time they crave when they’re fighting us at night. Our preemptive strategies work so much better than threats or bribes. 
Look at that! A nice, round top 10 list. I’ll stop there before the jealousy overcomes you. I hope your tomorrow is as good as my today! 
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