I haven’t done one of these for a while and I have a fear that the grandmas might disown me if I don’t hop on it. So here’s what the wee ones have been up to. 

Baby C – 4 months
  • She is a SWEETIE. Smiles and giggles. 
  • She’s been wanting to sit up more lately, either in the couch propped with pillows or a bouncy. Sometimes she’s laying flat and you can tell she’s trying to pull upward. Soon enough, little one!
  • We were finally on a great pattern of eating (every 4 hours) and sleeping (2, 2-hour naps plus 7-7 nighttimes). Then a holiday happened. Apparently some cousin told her that sleep wasn’t the great deal her mama keeps telling her. But hopefully we’ll be back on track soon. 
  • She’s grasping at toys and enjoying play time. We put her on a mat (we call it the cat mat because she swats like a kitty) and she’ll pull and play with the toys above her. 
Miss M – 19 months
  • Words, words, words – oh my word, the words! She’s repeating virtually everything. She even does her own 3 word sentences, like “thank you daddy” (and not even mimicking – she does it after getting something at the dinner table) or “night night buckeye” (she’s playing with H’s buckeye toy that he takes to bed). 
  • The speaking has also helped her express her wants and dislikes. Right now H is trying to convince her to go potty with him and she’s telling him no. 
  • She’s also getting big enough to hold her own against a picking brother. 
  • We have a shoe problem. She loves them. She’ll change them multiple times a day. And no shoe is off limits – she’ll wear mine or H’s as often as her own (no, not in public. I’m not that bad). 
  • She’s currently wearing the big girl undies but we really haven’t made much progress. Mostly out of a laziness factor of her mama’s. But we’re getting there. The sitter has been super with us and is very encouraging for M to go potty when the big kids go. 
  • I can’t help but think she’s got a double dose of brains. She just seems so smart. Always knowing what’s going on. The sitter agrees that she’s wise for her age. This could come back to bite us. 
  • She loves her dolls – putting them in diapers, feeding, burping them and walking them around. 
H boy (3 years)
  • He’s quite the chattering, reasoning machine. Which involves a lot more explaining. We’re not as easily able to order him around like we used to be. 
  • But, in terms of 3 year olds, he’s extremely good-natured. He’s easy-going and just wants to enjoy others. Like his daddy. 
  • He’s currently into tractors, or any other mode of transportation that can pull a wagon. The key is the pulling. It’s a big deal. 
  • We’ve finally moved out of a diaper for naptime and we’re hoping for more bedtime progress. He got up at 4am to go potty, the first time he’s ever woken and got out of bed for a potty-related issue. Steps in the right direction. 
  • Today, while home sick, he watched his first full-length movie, Happy Feet. 
So, that’s us in a nutshell. Look, we’re in a nutshell. 
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