It may seem that I’ve been postless this past week or so; in actuality my draft pages are full of thoughts that aren’t fully conceptualized. And they’re deep. So, rather than have a reader wade through muddy waters, I’m just going to let them simmer a bit. It’s been a very introspective week and so I’m trying to prevent you from inundating the blog with ramblings.

Instead, I’ll inundate you with obscure and insignificant [to you] happenings with my children. 
Henry – 35 months
My boy is wicked smart. Not to brag or anything. But we’ve been going through all kinds of evaluations and screenings for the possibility of pre-school, and he’s always well complimented at his understanding of things. They probably say that to every mom, so it’s my recommendation that if you have a bad day, go to a preschool screening. They’ll lift your Good Mom ego. 
His favorite things to do right now: running (“M, let’s go running!! I run fast!”) and pulling – as in wagons. Anything rope or chain-like will somehow be adhered to anything mobile, such as a toy car or scooter, to be pulled. 
He’s starting to understand emotions better. We used to think that “happy” was tied to the act of crying, but I think we’ve finally convinced him that babies cry when they’re hungry or tired. He’s very good at picking out when someone’s being silly, though. “Silly mommy!” he’ll say. Adorable. 
He loves his sisters. He loves Baby C when she’s lounging about; he’ll snuggle up real close. We’re starting to have some very important conversations about personal space and boundaries, of which he knows and respects none of. 
He also loves Miss M, but mostly only when she does what he says. He has learned to try to ask nicely, which translates to him as = high pitched voice. Then he’ll talk to her like we do, “come on, sweetie.” My heart melts every time. 
Miss M – 19.5 months
Her vocabulary is huge! What a vernacular. Words she says frequently – more, milk, water, diaper, daddy, doggy, here you go, thank you, this one?, sock, shoe, up, no, yogurt, grape, cheese, stuck, snack, (really, anything that ends with a -ck), hat, teeth, brush. 
Beyond expressive vocabulary, she understands 75% of what we tell her. Maybe more, I just didn’t want to sound all braggy-braggy. When we ask her to do things (get a towel, put it back, take to daddy, throw it away) she knows exactly what to do and where to find the needed tools. One day she spilled water in the bedroom and she went downstairs to the kitchen to get a towel from the oven and bring it back. It took her quite a while, but she was successful. Another time I was trying to convince H that he needed socks before putting on shoes but he didn’t want to make the trek up to get them and suggested instead that “M do it.” Later I go up to retrieve said socks and there is M, trying to open his sock drawer. She even got the right drawer! 
M continues to be our singer, frequently breaking into song while in the car. Her other favorite car time activity is sleeping. We can be making a 3 minute drive to the store and she’ll fall asleep. It’s simply amazing. 
She has a huge love for her dolls, one in particular, and enjoys feeding them bottles or her own sippy cups. She also will drive them around in the toy stroller, try to change their diapers (using Baby C’s diapers and wipes) and wrap them in blankets (Baby C’s burp cloths). 
Baby C – 11 weeks
My biggest baby by far! Last week we went to the doctor – she weighed in at over 12 pounds, landing in the 95th percentile for weight. I don’t recall the length (it’s written down, don’t worry), but it and head circumference are both in the 75th percentile. 
She’s sleeping much more consistently, only getting up around 2am to eat and then again around 6 or 7. This schedule is much more conducive to sleeping. She’s also napping well for both the sitter and myself. She still likes the swaddle but has decided against the binky for a good deep sleep (if held in the arms she prefers it though). 
She’s smiling and cooing, and H loves it when she is verbally expressive around him. “She’s talkin’!” he says. Then he’ll start conversation. “How you doing, C? Have you had a good day?”
So, that’s the action in this house. We’ve settled into a nice pattern of controlled chaos. I started back to work last week, working in the mornings from home and taking them to a sitter’s house across the street. So far it’s working out splendidly. We like her and the kids don’t even mind me leaving and letting me out the door without a holler. However, I’ve been taking their breakfast with us, so sitting down to a pumpkin muffin probably does help soothe the transition. 
We’re liking the community, though I don’t get to see much of it. We’ve found a church that we’re committing to an extended time of trying out for a fit and doing a small group with them this fall to see how we might mesh with the larger community. I’m hoping that provides new avenues to relationships around here. 
That’s life for us at the moment, at least in the most brief of notes. 
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