4:30am on Tuesday, June 28, 2011. That’s when H started sleeping without a binky. Well, for last night, anyway.
Apparently he had sucked on it to the point where it’s gaping holes made it no longer suitable for the designated task. He woke up and requested a “different binky” but we didn’t have any. Well, if it weren’t 4:30am, I might’ve been able to come up with where another one was. But at the time, which was early, nothing popped into my head. I told him it was broken and to go back to bed with buckeye (see, child? Your world isn’t completely torn upside down. That’ll come in another month or so after you get a new sibling and then we uproot you and move to a new house and town).
So he returned to bed only to get up about 20 minutes later to go potty. He actually went (I was impressed. Not so impressed that I didn’t put a new diaper on him. Come one, one challenge per middle-of-the-night period, please). Then at 5:30 he came wondering in, upset and apparently “unable” to sleep binkyless. He got into bed with me and as soon as he rolled to the tummy and I could tell that he was going to fall asleep, I knew that I, on the other hand, would not. So I was banished to the couch while he continues to snooze in my bed at 8:30am. He’s going to stay there until he’s satisfied on the sleeping end because who knows what nap time could look like today.
For those of you thinking, why not just buy a new binky… I. Just. Can’t. We’ve been patiently waiting for the law of nature to take it’s course on this stupid piece of plastic and allow H boy to just live through the natural ramifications of being 2 with a paci. He’s known/been warned that this is his last bink. I can’t go back now. 
So, as if we don’t have enough going on… add a new regime of sleep training. Oh, and the hard drive on our new computer crashed. Beautiful. I’d love to spend an hour on the phone this morning with customer support. Watch out, inbound call support technician. It’ll be best for everyone if you just promise to send me a new hard drive. Really, let’s save us some time.
Well, the other child is requesting a new diaper as the current one emanates an odor. They really are under the impression that I’m superwoman.

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