I thought perhaps I should post something, but most of my current meanderings have been quite negative (I just can’t snap this whiny streak I’ve been on); so I thought this would be a wonderful time to do a kiddo update. It’s been awhile.

H-Boy (31 months)
  • We’ve been working on requests sans Whiney Voice (I know! I’m one to talk right now!). He’s getting it, sometimes he’ll stop partway through and ask with the right tone. It’s adorable. We’ve also been working on his tone when talking to Miss M. If she doesn’t respond I mention that perhaps if he asked a bit nicer, she’d oblige. And it works nearly every time. So for the moment, we’re pleased with progress. 
  • Potty training is daytime complete and nighttime not close. We’ve tried a few times to go diaperless for naps and night (he even requests to wear the undies then instead of a diaper) but he wakes up soaked. He never wakes to pee, even when we ask him to come out. Not sure about how to do this one… and we wanted it to be mastered before moving into the Big Bed because toddler bed sheets are much easier to change the full sized sheets. 
  • He can also name his pottying. Sometimes he has to “toot” and other times it’s “just water.” 
  • When it’s “just water” he likes to potty “on the bricks” (outside the house). He’ll show any of his friends willing to watch how to pee on things. I guess we all need a marketable trait…
  • He’s also been quite the chatty cathy. Full sentences, asking questions, explaining how things work… it’s adorable. 
Miss M (13.5 months)
  • She’s getting quite verbal as well. Phrases you can understand: doggie, daddy, mamamamam, Uh huh (for yes; her brother did the same thing), thank you, here-go, nana (as in the ba-nana) and mo mi[lk]. 
  • We’re a full-fledged walker, except to move from surface/level to new surface/level. She can do the stairs down now (she’s been a pro at up for a while), but we have to get her started and turned the right way. 
  • She’ll eat anything and everything. Last night was her first dinner of pizza without me insisting on a vegetable first. 
  • We dug out the baby she received as a gift when she was born; the way she’ll carry it around and hug it is absolutely adorable. 
#3 (34 weeks along)
This one weighed in at last appointment at 5.5 pounds. Apparently that’s quite average, though I know women who give birth to babies that size. So I vote that we’ll be ready whenever. Mostly for my convenience. 
This seems like such a minimalist update, but well… it’s hot and the computer on my lap isn’t exactly cooling things down. I think I’ll go avoid the to do list and sit in the breezy florida room and read. 
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