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Date: January 16, 2011

what I want my daugher to know about relationships with men

The right guy at the wrong time is still the wrong guy.
You need to be “me” before you can be “we”.
You become like the people you are around the most; ask, “do I want to become more like him?”
If he loves you, he’ll never say “If you love me…”
People can change. Not all of them do.
Never use sex as a weapon or a tool.
It’s better to be alone and content than with someone and miserable.
If you have to lie to your family and friends about him, he’s probably not a great catch.
It’s never okay to hit.
There’s NOTHING wrong with you.
Sometimes, “like the other girls” shouldn’t be the goal.
Don’t look at his resume, look at his heart. Just because he meets “minimum qualifications” or “seems perfect for you” doesn’t mean you have to date him.
Yes, sometimes “good guys” are boring. And keeping up with a rebel can be exhausting.
Most divorces result from arguments about money and sex. Watch carefully how he talks about, uses or values these things.
There’s a difference between “perfect” and “healthy”.
Learn how to fight fair.
Stand up for yourself. And learn to say “I’m sorry.”
If he doesn’t encourage (which can include challenging) your faith, you’ll probably end up bored or frustrated.

*This list is a work in progress. And yes, I will probably teach them to my son, as well.

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funny things H has done in the past 24 hours

Picked up his childrens bible, saw a picture of Noah and pointed out “Santa!”
Randomly started doing yoga poses (down dog, mountain) like mommy (after mommy finished, not alongside)
When saying our prayers, he rearranged Buckeye’s hands so that they were properly folded for the activity
Pooped in the bathtub. Then reacted by screaming and flailing about until husband could remove him from the situation
Then he told mommy (in toddler tongue, with waggling arms) how to get the TP from on top of the toilet, pick up the poo and put it in the toilet. NOW.
Mommy: “Where does poo poo go?” H: “In the POTTY!”
Heard Kyle crying in the nursery. Turned and saw Josh crying in the nursery. So he started crying with them. He’s such a sympathizer.
When asked if he wanted toast for breakfast he sang “yeah! toast!” (just like the funny guys on WNCI)

He’s hilarious. Gets it from his mother. Except for the pooping thing.

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