Pop quiz: the title of this post is
a) the name of my favorite hymn (when sung in new form)
b) my feelings toward my work situation at the current moment
c) all of the above

You’re right. C!

This week my work life has turned a 180, and part of me hates to get my hopes up that it may indeed come to fruition. But because my region of former client is now “dead in the water” (not my words), our team has beenbought part and parcel, to other clients and regions. I was bartered for a different client and the 2 current CRMs, who I really, really enjoy, are doing so much to make this all come together.

Even at a half-time schedule, I’m going to be allowed to return to my CRM work – managing people and process and helping things move along smoothly for the client and the candidates. Outbound calls will be needed, I’ll surely recruit, and I’ll obviously spend some time doing phone interviews. But rather than being stuck in one aspect of the process for hours on end, I get to dig my hands into all of it. Yes, this means excel spreadsheets will abound once again. Ahhhhh.

Because things change so frequently in our workplace, I know it’s not a forever-solution. But I’m thrilled to have the opportunity for the moment to enjoy my work but not be absent from home. As I told my AM, I really want to thrive – and not just survive – on both fronts. It may require some creativity and teamwork, but I’m committed to doing my part.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good morning!

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