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Date: October 11, 2010

Gleesus related thoughts

It seems every week facebook offers a new cause to support via status update. I’m not sure how exactly new money gets funneled into cancer research or preventing teenagers from falling into a deep fryer, but people proudly support their moms, cats and loved ones in the chain letters of facebook.
Today I noticed a few friends who sported: NAME is a straight ally and today is National Coming Out Day. I’m coming out for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality because it’s 2010 and almost 90% of LGBT youth experience harassment in school, and too many lives have been lost. Donate your status and join me by clicking here: http://bit.ly/cX0mcD
I almost reposted. Or shared. Or liked. Or whatever the facebook version of retweet might be. And I’m nothing close to a gay-rights activist. Or even a passive participant in the sexual orientation conversation. I’m pretty anopinionated (isn’t that the state of being without opinion? And what’s with me making up all kinds of words and phrases today?).
However, these support statuses came on the heels of last week’s Glee (and apparently, as a show, you either love or hate it) which broached the topic of faith and spirituality but slid in the homosexuality card. One of the characters, Kurt, a self-proclaimed atheist (who I believe technically would fall under the umbrella of agnostic, but the one who makes up words shouldn’t get all pointy-pointy) states that he has difficulty believing in a god who would make him gay and then make him endure the criticisms of Christians who torment him for being that way. That, on top of his mother dying at a young age. 
I hate that when opportunity for dialogue arises, conversation immediately turns there. Have we not made any impression on the world beyond this topic? But a wise person listens to his critic to make sure there is no validity in his argument. 
I appreciated that Glee gave us a story, a person. We wanted Kurt to have his dad back. We wanted Kurt to feel loved and supported. Maybe some of us even wanted Kurt to know that Jesus wept. And a story takes it from “how do you feel about homosexuality” to “how can we help Kurt?” 
I almost re-whatevered my status not because this particular issue lies close to my heart, but because I want to rage against it being an issue.
They’re not issues, they’re people
No person deserves to be bullied or ridiculed because they experience love. I don’t care what side of the fence you land on with the born-that-way vs. choice, sin vs. not sin, and clergy-ordaining issues. If you’re one who follows Jesus, then our first instinct should be to realize that any person is worth protecting simply because they’re human. Take your choice of Matt, Mark, Luke or John and you’ll see Jesus do that every time.
Oh, now, stop with your she-thinks-you-can-do-anything-so-what-about-sin? thoughts. Why immediately go there? Why immediately protect your issue rather than living in the reality of a real person? Please don’t contribute to the case for  shows to portray Christians as less-than-loving. Don’t be scared to be wrong.
Now, Finn’s later turning from the faith of grilled cheesus gives fodder for future discussion, but let’s save that for another day… that’s a whole new chapter to read.  

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the price of sanity

I’d rank it in one of the top 3 best weekends. Ever. Somewhere in that lineup holds a place for my wedding and probably some other birthday or event that doesn’t readily come to mind, and now the weekend of my 30th joins the ranks. Amazingness on so many levels. I probably won’t do it justice to explain.
First was the getaway. Husband took me to a wine bar near Grandview and we tried a few that I probably would not have pulled from the shelf at Meijer because a) they didn’t have a catchy name and b) they’re a bit too classy for Meijer (though I think Meijer has the best wine selection of any grocery at great prices). But they were fabulous. Then we headed to the Tip Top for dinner. I love local eateries. Sure, Macaroni Grill has a place in my heart thanks to Chicken Milano, but I love the uniquness that you get at a local eatery. We drove by several options in the Short North that we’d love to try, but the valet parking reminded us that we likely would feel out of place. Though, I was rocking my “going out shirt” that JWE convinced me to buy last summer, so it wasn’t for lack of appearances.
THEN we used up a Marriott gift card, thanks to credit card points. Guess what we heard at 2am? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. And at 6, during normal feeding time? Yup. Just husband snoring. We slept in to a glorious 9am. Mid-day we remarked how tired we were – all the sleeping had us plumb tuckered out.
After a cup of coffee from a local coffeeshop (another fettish), we headed to Polaris for some Old Navy $10 off shopping and Target browsing. We watched a bit of the game over lunch and went to the mall. I perused PaperThread, a store full of stationary and books and gifts. It’s like the Target office supply aisle, only better! After husband drug me out we wondered aimlessly through Barnes & Noble.  I could touch all the books… feel the paper… read a paragraph mid-book. And there were no toddlers pulling all the other books off the shelf. Glory, glory hallelujah.
Of course, such opportunity requires some give and take… there was lots of formula feeding M, packing up kids, and letting go of the fear of price tag regret. We didn’t purchase much while shopping, but just the cost of eating and being away can add up, something we have to work really hard in our budget to allow. But it’s totally worth the price of the sanity. I wore a cute outfit, drank good coffee and better beer (Great Lake’s Octoberfest is the best fall brew. Ever. ), and did not adhere to any sort of schedule. Well, of which I was aware.
Husband, parents & sister capped off the weekend with nothing short of a Me-Fest. They cleaned out the barn and simmered a few cauldrons of chili & stew and invited 200 of our closest family and friends. I may be exaggerating the number or I may not, I have no idea. But if I’ve ever held a good conversation with someone or can tell a good story involving them, it seems they received an invite.  Husband said he tried to keep the guest list slightly under that of our wedding. And though I had a slight suspicion that something was brewing, nothing could have prepared me for the obscenity that commenced. Did I mention a bounce house was involved? And hayrides? And the pie. Oh. The. Glorious. Pie. My momma knows me well- I’d take a piece of pie over cake ANY day.
I stayed up late. I laughed with my friends and chatted with my cousins. I entrusted a few teenage babysitters to listen for my kids after they went to bed (another great think-ahead by Marj!). I even served as the target to a few karaoke serenades. I felt very loved.
Chalk another one into Reasons I’m Grateful for my Life column. I’m nothing short of blessed to have a husband who could concoct such a memorable way to enter my 30s and parents and family and friends who help make it all happen. Blessed.

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