things on this blog have been a bit heavy lately. i blame the lack of sleep. i have nothing to do but lay there and think. and the husband worries when i do too much of that (thinking, that is). so tonight is just a nice conglomeration of random thoughts.

1. i hate sinuses. i would likely give up my sense of smell (not taste) to get rid of mine this week.
2. baby #2 is either a dancer or a soccer player. it’s like a little disco in there currently. i suppose it *could* be the tollhouse pie.
3. i love love love living a quick, driveable distance from family. H and i made a quick trip today; totally worth it.
4. typically when you do one of those bible studies about “spiritual gifts” the hospitality is written off as the person who provides coffee. not so. my husband has been blessed with a double dose of hospitality and i’m so grateful for it. we hosted our “dinner for 8” with the church tonight and he is so – so! – good about welcoming people into our home, making others comfortable and generally being, well, hospitable. and if it wasn’t for him i would’ve served the ketchup straight from the bottle.
5. the kid is a walking machine. we’ve now mastered getting up on our own from the floor. it’s quite hilarious to watch the learning process on that skill – it involves lots of turning, and falling and arms in the air, but man it’s stinkin’ cute. but the kid in footie jammies and there you are, wrapped around his pinky finger.
6. i’m ready to go back to my non-40-hour work weeks. i know, i have 2.5 months before i do. but i’ll be ready. having the morning with the kid and time to make dinner – wow. i forgot what that was like. and it was nice. told myself not to get too used to it yet.
7. the hubs is going to be an excellent teacher. you should know that in case he teaches your kid some day. and i love being able to discuss with him what it means for a student to get excited about learning and to take ownership of learning. he’s one of those teachers who just reallllly wants to see that happen. i love it. and him.
8. speaking of a man full of grace – i need to wrap up the blog so he can get some homework done.


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