so you get scattered thoughts. let’s switch it up and go bullet points. (i warned you i’ve been scattered).

  • if you love me you’d get me a subscription to relevent for christmas. it’s been far too long.
  • the haircut looks great. short and straight?! it’s like you don’t even know me anymore.
  • the cutest baby on the block just had an amazing day with not one, but two grandmas. lucky guy.
  • cracker barrel can grill my sourdough any day of the week.
  • sometimes you have to suck it up and be an adult. even if the kids started it.
  • pictures are scheduled, but now who’s going to address all the envelopes?
  • after a long week, the leftovers are finally taken care of. and now we have an empty fridge.
  • i found out today that the Wine Merchant sells non-alcoholic wine. if you really loved me it would be on my doorstep, pronto. no, it’s not welch’s. i asked.
  • another day that jj didn’t get fired. i think we can call that success.
  • if you were to earn a varsity letter in cornhole, what would the letter be? and what color and on what type of jacket would you display it?
  • i really, really, really hope dave doesn’t hate me.
  • on a similar note, i’m really, really, really proud of a friend.
  • and once again, thanks to maternity pants, my ankles are cold.
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