i have thoughts to share but don’t know if this is the place to express. and here, i thought that was what blogging was all about. but alas, no. some things are better left stuffed inside, right K? 🙂

because i was a thanksgiving slacker, a brief overview of what i’m thankful for:
1. that my husband is also such a wonderful father.
2. for others that love tradition
3. that we have so many people that we enjoy spending time with that we have to have multiple thanksgivings. that’s a lot to be thankful for.
4. that my grandma keeps making the world’s best noodles.
5. that so many people love my kid. (that sounds… narcissistic? maybe “that my child will grow up knowing he is loved by many people”? hopefully people know what i’m getting at)
6. my grandma mary’s pie crust recipe
7. a family so fun that my husband spends time with them by choice
8. very, very giving parents
9. those little green binkies
10. pumpkin spice creamer. tis the season.

it’s been a whirlwind of a week and it continues forth through the weekend. which means i need to get my hiney into bed if i want to survive it.

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