if there were a list of descriptive words about me (and i’m sure someone put one together…), no where on the list would be the word “professional.” i’m just not. i’ve been living in “professional world” for 2.5 years now and i still giggle when i hear people talk. no joke.

i think it makes me laugh because it’s so outside of my context. i’ve done more than my share of making fun of church-y words (sometimes while the guy was still praying). i’ve had an ongoing list of words i can’t stand in that context: fellowship being the top, followed up by conversation, visitors, intentional, and committee meeting. there are more, i just can’t think of them. oh, and “lock in” gives me a facial tick when i hear the word mentioned.

but now that i’ve been in the world of reporting and feedback, the vocabulary still strikes me as a hoot. today could’ve been a drinking game with the word “perspective”. i had no idea it had so many entries in the dictionary! i also find that we do a lot of circling back, or coming full circle in the business world, along with some “reaching out” “following up” and “coaching” (fakespeak for “you screwed it up again”). oh, and we “appreciate” EVERYthing.

I don’t mean to make fun of people who have such a vernacular. i’m sure it doesn’t even strike their funny bones – it’s just what it is. what else do you do to a client but “reach out” (my initial word was “call” but hey, it’s just me)? i’m sure that to people who find professional-speak normal, i’m just talking like an uncivilized galoot.

**this post sat over night. friday, nov. 20 was actually brought to you by the letter P. today was brought to you by the letter S.

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