i did. it was ichthus and God was showing his “ever present” sense of humor because K and I thought we’d be funny and make camo shirts for the kids that said Enduring R.A.S.H. (Rain And Sweat for Him). and then i got a rash. on my eye.

in actuality i think it was a string of cold sores – i get them on my mouth for 4 major reasons: sun, stress, sickness and citrus. too much of any of them and i get a pretty little mark. (yes, there is a little bit of stress in taking a bunch of teenagers out of state to live out of tents for 4 days). i’m now currently working on my second cold sore (on my mouth this time, thank goodness) in under a month. ugh.

usually i take it as a sign that i need to slow down and heal up. it’s like my pre-warning. unless i get it after my sickness, to which it says “i told you so.” but recently we’ve been running a marathon, but sometimes at the speed of a sprint. those of you who know my running abilities might say “but wait, i didn’t think you had a sprint?” ah, yes, you are correct. as K might say, “it’s more of a lope.” but it’s faster than a normal pace than i’m used to handling.

we’re on the home stretch. Hubby is in the kitchen studying for the praxis at this moment. lists are made for the big birthday bash. we have a plan of attack in order for the pre-party cleaning (which makes no sense because i can just guess what my house will look like POST party – there will be 3 others that are 3 or under!).

i’m trying to figure out what it means to “take it easy” with things. what is cluttering up my time that i’m doing so much that i’m waking up tired? surely there’s a way to whittle down to necessities, at least for the next few weeks. on the other hand, i don’t want to miss out on wonderful opportunites to fully enjoy the days God has granted just because i’m “tired.” what a pickle.

my lesson learned most recently: at the end of the day, it CAN be put away. i’m not so important that the world will stop moving without me. clearly. since all of the managers i’m working with insist upon escalating every issue. 🙂

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