there are several things i could work on right now. instead i’m going to read my mystery novel, but if i put them out there maybe someday we can check the boxes (one of my all time favorite activities! next to making lists, of course).

1. make garland out of used kleenax. pretty sure i almost emptied sarah’s box today. she buys the good kind but my nose is still sore! btw, a little clear lipsmackers on the nose helps at first, but then it starts to sting. stick to aquaphore.

2. call all my cousins who were at gus’ celebration of life and apologize profusely for contaminating the place with germs.

3. begin to work on the ad campaign for a local shelter. i’m doing some side work for a friend who owns an ad agency and it’s a new client. i’ve spent a lot of time today coming up with concepts and i’m quite excited to lay some things out. i love serving clients who i can share vision.

4. begin a crochet project. one of the reasons i love cold weather. though now i’m inspired to learn how to knit…. i’d like to venture into that world. but i need a teacher. i’m not good with self-instructed stuff. they say things like “easy” and “beginner” but they don’t mean me.

5. clean up the evidence that henry enjoyed an afternoon with his cousin Raya. unfortunately he wasn’t at the top of his game and stuck close to grandma, but i think he still enjoyed her presence.

6. eat an orange. clearly i need the vit C. or just saw off the portion of my face that contains the sinus.

7. begin putting ideas together for a book/resource i’d like to query to group (a youth leader resource company). i got some encouragement from a few youth director friends and feel like there’s really nothing like it currently out there. but this will require some buckling down on my part and, as clearly stated, i frequently lack gumption. i’m like a grand fountain of great ideas that has a huge hole in the bottom where the follow through goes.

and that’s about it for the night. accidentally on purpose is on and i thouroughly enjoy the show. ciao!

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