i have thoughts but lack the words to express them. it’s been a hod-podge of recent musings that i cannot seem to flesh out enough to warrant individual posts. so let me provide a summary and perhaps a more detailed posting will arise later.

1. i was reading 1 samuel. there is a brief passage (i’m sorry, it’s nearly 9pm and i’m not going to get off the couch to retrieve the bible to quote it. just look it up. it’s good for you.) when saul and his men go to war. however, it appears that the philistines are the only ones in the neighborhood with the skills and tools to make things sharp. no plowshears, no swords, nothing. so saul and son jonathon are the only ones with weapons. needless to say the israelites loose the battle. now there is a social and practical application in there – however i’m really slow to process it to the point of thoughtful posting. it’s been brewing for a week or so, but it’s just not there. i’m sure it has something to do with the evils of walmart.

2. health care reform seems to be everywhere. i’m going to agree with the crams here and say that there is no perfect solution (other than getting rid of greed). however, i would really like to have access to affordable coverage that will endure. someone. please. so i’m curious to see where this thing goes.

3. i heard a spectacular podcast today by rob bell on the importance of beginning at the beginning. for those who would like to hear the christian story or the jesus story retold in a refreshing light, i highly recommend that you rummage through itunes to download it from mars hill. i’ve been listening and participating in the jesus story for a while now, and i have never heard / seen such mastry of language (all 3! english, hebrew and greek!)

4. i’m currently reading the guernsey literary and potato peel society for book club. i would recommend. it’s a nice light read.

5. my food musings continue as i also read miriam’s kitchen. lesson learned: it’s hard work living kosher.

6. my food musings continue as i listened to another mars hill podcast on, you guessed it, the sacredness of food. i have a new life goal: to eat kosher for an extended period of time. dobson did a year – i’m not that strong and jj would leave me.

7. there is a posting coming soon on the inability to multitask our roles and relationships.

well, that should get a good start on it. now off to bed to read this exceptional BC book.

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