10. boat rides. sometimes with donuts involved
9. “lake friends” who stop by for a visit
8. family that’s ok with the inconvenience of a baby
7. bread pudding, no bake cookies, guacamole and chicken soak
6. hot breakfast every morning
5. a nice morning run around the loop
4. it’s a new season for cornhole (i am mostly a spectator, but the regular participants take it very seriously)
3. my family is hilarious like me
2. hands ‘n foot, hell, 5 handed euchre or 3/13
1. sitting outside, enjoying the sun with a book and fabulous conversation

i could do a separate “top 10” about why i love my family, inspired by the fact that at any given time you can be handed a baby (or be handing a baby) so that a quick errand can be ran. kids are traded off for diaper changes, playtime on the blanket because everyone knows the beauty of a helping hand. i’m related to a lot of good people.

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