yesterday was my first day back to work. i had several people ask me how i was doing, being away from henry and all. it’s funny, i only worked a 4 hour shift, and i’ll only be working 12 hours this whole week… i’ll make it.
fortunately i had a bit of a trial run to see how i’d do with the separation when i went shopping with kristy on friday. i dealt with that ok (but it was crazy to see how much i could miss the little guy even in a matter of hours!).
someone asked me if i missed henry yesterday. well, of course. but i have to say that it wasn’t so much of missing henry as just preferring to be with him as opposed to my time with being at work- with the people- i enjoyed. i like being with individuals who can communicate with more than squeeky sounds and who appreciate me for more than my ability to lactate. but then again, no one in my office gets so amused by dangling monkeys or flying sheep, which are highlights to a day with henry, and i did miss that.
i think it’s a matter of both. i enjoy being home because time with henry brings out my inner child, enjoying the simple things that engage my heart. my time at work brings out my inner (and mostly well hidden) adult, enjoying the complex things that engage my mind. well, when i’m not resume mining, that is :).
all in all, i’d have to say that if it works well, i’ll enjoy doing both. i won’t be working full time, but hopefully enough to give me responsibility.
and i must give a “praise Jesus, he really listens to your prayer!” – work just emailed that we now don’t need to work a minimum number of hours to qualify for health insurance! insurance woes have been the bain of our existance (we just got henry’s bill from Children’s and i gave a praise Jesus that we were insured!). with this goes my fret about getting at least 25 hours a week. i can now work just enough to pay our bills :).
i’ve done a lot of complaining about my employer in the recent history, but i can say with some surety that i do believe they really are looking out for their employees when they make policy like this. they watch out for the bottom line (what employer doesn’t?), and they do plenty of things i don’t agree with… but they have definately made a move to improve our relationship by offering this.

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