I read all the posts my friend cara puts on her blog and i’m extremely woeful of my lack of things to post. i had a good weekend… anniversary celebration with jj on friday, wedding with friends from ou on saturday, pizza and cards with my folks saturday night, breakfast with one of my youth kids on sunday AM and lots of napping and lounging today (with an attempt at cinnamon rolls with spelt flour that i believe failed miserably).
a note about the spelt flour. it’s healthy for you. better than wheat- not as heavy. but you can’t used it in a cinnamon roll recipe or anything that in general is designed to be unhealthy for you at its core. muffins? maybe. a good wheat bread? sure. cinnamon rolls? no. just accept the sugary fact along with the melted butter and sugary goodness that you intended when you decided upon cinnamon rolls as your baked good.
i wish i had more thoughts. i might later. i’ve been pondering palm sunday today and wondering why i feel like i missed something… maybe after some reflection i’ll post again.

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