I was up in the middle of the night, i’m pretty sure because God wanted to tell me something about this year’s thanksgiving. I was reflecting on thanksgiving and why this year it seems so much more real to me. this year i decided to celebrate thanksgiving instead of thankshaving. normally this holiday is one where we can list the several things that we’re grateful for. but mostly that’s just a list of how we’re better off than the next guy.
i’m hoping my holiday has changed from that.
it only takes God giving you something, and then taking it away before you were ready to give it up, to realize that’s not just about gratefulness. it’s about realizing where it came from. God is the giver of all “good and perfect gifts.” he can “give and take away.”
When you begin to see with these eyes, you see everything in your life as a gift. God gives- and not only that, but you have to realize that it was His before it was yours and it will be His again someday. in essence, everything we have is just out on loan. the person lying beside you in bed at night, the children that keep you awake, the next breath you take- its all on loan. God can ask for it back, but He gave it to us to love and enjoy for His glory while we have it.
when we see things as “mine” or “ours”, like it’s a right we have, it’s not really thankfulness, it’s just making a list of stuff. but when we see what God has given- that it’s a gift, not a right, not something deserved- then we can be truly thankful.
this all seemed a lot more clearer at 4AM.

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