An Introduction Series for Men Exploring Yoga

More and more men are asking questions about how yoga can be an added benefit to their lives. They see the zen-ed out ladies of their lives and wish it was more available to them. Guys, consider yourselves invited: Dude Yoga.

Dude yoga is great for those who:

  • Tried a class once and would like to take it further
  • Had a wife/girlfriend/friend/co-worker show them a pose to alleviate a symptom – and liked the effect
  • Never touched his toes but is tired of a lack of mobility
  • Have become an ultra-fit weightlifter or runner who is finally listening to his trainer and integrating movement that elongates the muscle as it builds, preventing injury and increasing overall muscle mass.

Any reason is a good reason to try yoga.

The next 5-week series of Dude Yoga begins Saturday, January 6 at 7:00 AM. Cost: $40 (or $10 drop in).