1. why did i set my alarm? i don’t go in until 10.
2. wow, did i sleep until 8? did the KID sleep until 8?
3. what does a stay-at-home-mom do in retirement?
4. i could get used to not going in until 10.
5. why do i have to wait until november for pumpkin spice creamer for my coffee? tim hortons, panera and starbucks already have it. someone please alert coffee-mate that pumpkin is an october condiment.
5a (i’m not renumbering!). awwwww… someone reads my blogs. note to self: watch spelling and become exceptionally witty. or at least run spell check.
6. oh, yay! 15 min of prep before interviews! i can get a glass of water!
7. oh, yay! 15 min break at the end of the interviews! i can go home for lunch!
8. hi, my name is michele from bankers life insurance. would you like to come to an informational meeting? (repeat 80 times)
8a. omg, i’m pretty sure that man didn’t understand my english enough to know this is a sales position and his ph.d in electromagnetichyperflourantanious engineering doesn’t matter.
9. wow, that chili smells great.
10. free movie monday! off to the redbox. chick flick because jj’s not home.
11. shopping with mom = traveling the entire circumfrence of walmart. but still a good outing. birthday presents – check!
12. mmm… this chili IS good. time to get the cornbread started.
12a. i’m a bad friend. i forgot to tell KLM that i love her extra on yesterday. booo me.
13. this kid is the cutest guy ever. and now he’ll give me kisses!
13a. the second bowl of chili is really for the baby’s development. i won’t put cheese in this one. that’ll balance it out.
13b. i hope things are ok in the H household. will keep praying.
14. “pain beats regret any day of the week and twice on Sundays”.
15. who wouldn’t give matthew mcconneghy a second chance?!
16. who else does KW blog-follow? she’s got great taste…
17. i need to get out the camera more. H will think he went to live at military camp his 10th month of life.
18. it’s a good day. i don’t think i can blog well enough to represent all the small wonderful things about today.

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