i hate that feeling of almost… i haven’t been able to blog much lately because apparently my skills at using a calendar are not quite adept. turns out i don’t preach next Sunday, but this Sunday. who knew? (well, tony, the pastor i’m filling in for, he did – but that’s a mute point).

so the sermon is coming along, many thanks to the lectionary for narrowing the options of what to preach on. I went with 2 samuel to continue what i knew tony started last week.

the research is done, thoughts are composed, and there are even words on paper (miracle!). but it’s not… quite… there. i wish i had words to describe the current status. it feels kinda like clark griswald trying to figure out which bulb is out. you keep trying to plug things in, but nope – that’s not what you’re looking for. and you have to be careful – like when trying to figure out what the soup needs just “a touch” more of, if you keep trying different ingredients you ruin the base completely. it takes a seasoned palatte (which, when looking at my preaching career, becomes clear that i do not posess).

is it “fine”? sure. does it have a point, is it truthful, is it biblical? yup. is it the message God has? i’m not so sure of that. i think there is something else to say that hasn’t made it to the page… and i suppose it’s time to shut up and listen for what that is.

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