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lunchtime statuses

I couldn’t fit them into one status update. 

a) I had no idea how badly I’d need this massage when I scheduled it this morning – the headache continues to worsen. ouch! 
b) got in another jog around the neighborhood. and here I thought i hated winter running. 
c) a few years ago I asked God to grow in me some form of empathy. I must’ve made progress, because I’m sad on behalf of several special people who are missing someone dearly. 
d) “being able to put the binky in her mouth by herself” has to be one of my top 2 favorite milestones. 
e) any ideas on how to use red, orange and yellow peppers on the grill without stuffing them with meat or grains? 
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pre-7am status updates

All of this, before work even started….

1. What does it take to keep a boy in bed until 7?
2. It’s clearly a day that I hope none of the other parents are at drop off when I am.
3. God, give me patience with what you’ve already given me; give me passion to pursue what you’ve laid out in front of me.
4. People who are scared of a fish oil supplement haven’t tried Carlson’s (Lemon flavor) in their OJ. It’s like Trix cereal. In your glass. That’s good for you and not made of 70% sugar. 
5. Goals for the day: a work out and attending crunchy girl night. 
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a day in the life, via status updates

I spared my FB friends from having to hide my feed (or even defriend me) by mentally noting my status updates and composing them into a single, handy list. For your convenience. 

1. Get out the galoshes. It always rains on Monday. 
2. Another day, another pound of ground beef that needs thawed and morphed into dinner. 
3. Well, at least I showered. 
4. Seriously. Who decided “cradles that rock” were inferior? I could be sitting and nudging while reading instead of standing and patting baby’s buns. 
5. Why is it that most of childhood is spent fighting bedtime while most of adulthood is spent yearning for that hour to approach? 
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