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Tell Me About Those Balls (#redcup version)

In honor of RedCupGate 2015, I’ll offer an oldie-but-goodie, (and one of my cousin’s favorite blog titles). Obvi, since the whole #redcup thing revolves around noisy Christians, there could be even more commentary. Like, how first we want businesses to have the right  to refuse to make wedding cakes for people we don’t love because of “values” – yet we want businesses we don’t own to uphold all of our values. (Thanks to my Smart Friend Craig who pointed that one out. He is really smart. And sarcastic. Pretty much my favorite kind of people. Read his brilliant writing about an unrelated topic.)

However, just in case any of my friends have panties all bunched up over this – if you really want someone to know how you feel… stop giving them money. (I, however, will not say no to the PSL. Jesus is in my heart, not on my cup.)


(Originally published September, 2011)

It’s quite evident that I love a good boycott. Give me a cause (Walmart… short skirts… chips in the ice cream… Times New Roman…) and a platform and I shall wave my banner high. However, I’d like to give my fellow boycotters a few lessons in Banning Behavior.

Apparently there are close to a million moms (or, at least an organization of them) who dislike Ben & Jerry’s new flavor. That’s fine, I tend to show preference to Chubby Hubby (who can resist pretzels + peanut butter + fudge?! Such salty/sweet goodness). However, a letter-writing campaign has ensued, trying to force the flavor off the market, taking away the right of the consumer to purchase a batch of Schweddy Balls as s/he would like.

So, my Million friends that are Moms, I say: It’s fine to dislike a product. Put your money where your mouth is and DON’T BUY IT. Purchase Breyers. Or Edy’s. Or give Columbus Cincinnati a little love and go for Graeter’s. If you don’t want to explain to little Frank why the balls are Schweddy, then don’t point them out to your kiddos. Surely you’re not narrating the entire aisle of ice creams and frozen food novelties?

And while we’re this close to the topic, a word on marketing to children… because I read again about the perils of McDonalds and cereals and every other red dye #5-filled food on the market and the regulations regarding such propaganda: it wouldn’t work if parents would simply say NO. Again, don’t buy it. If they don’t have profits, they can’t make the expensive flashy commercials that have your kids whining about the unfairness of life, why they’re so deprived and how you’re the worst mother ever.

Folks, sometimes there’s power in the pen, but always there’s power in the pocketbook.

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seasonal condiments and the like

it’s the 31st of the most god-forsaken awful month of the year, so we’re going to do it up right. hubs is currently washing out his (*new* because he forgot the old one at the michigan lakehouse) outdoor chili pot for some roasting tonight. apparently that’s what menfolk do – put meaty dishes over the open flame. i’d hate to know what he’d do with an entire pig.

as well we picked a peck of apples last night (just from meijer -but they sell local!) so i’m going to do up some sauce for henry’s limited diet plan. i’ve got a bit of cider we’ll let simmer as well. i’ve got 2 pumpkins to bake up so the insides can make my mouth happy in the form of something sweet topped with cream cheese. maybe even some seed roasting if i can figure out how that works.

but what i most look forward to is the pumpkin spice creamer for my coffee. for a month now i’ve been awaiting its return. it’s available in limited quantities at limited locations and i have yet to stumble upon it. i told H at the store last week that mommy was going to throw a tantrum if it didn’t show up soon.

the kicker? you know what IS readily available?? both gingerbread and peppermint mocha. please see exhibit A:

Dear Coffee-Mate Creamer,
Thank you for your continued contributions at making fall a better season each year with the addition of Pumpkin Spice Creamer in my grocers’ fridge. It’s the poor girls’ pumpkin spice latte. However, we need to briefly review the calendar and the appropriate seasonal condiments for each:
October: apples, pears, pumpkins
November: pumpkins, cinnamon, corn (though corn may not be the best choice of creamer flavoring – but thanks to the indians we hang it on our door in celebration)
December: chocolate, peppermint, pumpkin, gingerbread.
As you can see, pumpkin clearly comes before peppermint and gingerbread in the seasonal calendar. Thus, pumpkin creamer should be released earlier in the creamer calendar than november 1 whilest peppermint has had the habit of making an appearance in october. NOT APPROPRIATE.

Hugs & Kisses,

so tonight will be a fall festival of goodness. if my friends really love me they’ll bring the PSC along and we’ll enjoy a good cup on the cusp of November, a reminder that “rescue is coming“.

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