After some reflection, here’s how I intend to move forward in the midst of turmoil. I’d love to hear the intentions of others for these next few critical years.

  1. Hope. I hope for nothing less than success for our President-Elect. This success will be defined by the ability to bring the country together, to create an environment of a healing for democracy to do its best work. Perhaps some of his policy will bring healing to those who voted for him, and they will come to a place where they can begin to engage the hurt of those sitting on the other side, as well. If we don’t hope for good things from our President, that’s “going low.” Our values mean nothing if we cannot practice them when it’s hard or we’re not getting our way.  Progressives want progress, and we’ll never see it if we step aside and hope to watch things burn.
  2. Love. I will love my LBGT+, non-white, non-male friends more fiercely (read: loudly) than ever. I’m going to find some courage to say “not okay” when I hear terrible things said about them. I will celebrate their marriages. Rather than asking those on the fringes of society to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt their worthiness or the effects of pain within their heritage and personal story, I’m going to start with acceptance of their personal truth. I’m going to say “tell me more” when I hear frustrations and I will make space for their pain to sit with me. I will ask how to be a better ally and try my hardest to do the work.
  3. Peace. Bi-partisanship doesn’t only belong in Washington. We keep crying for our elected officials to work together, but we won’t move our own Asses and Elephants. If we don’t, we need to acknowledge that our representatives are truly representing us. When there is good Republican policy, let’s call it good. When there is good Democratic policy, let’s call it good. Let’s stop believing one party holds a corner of the market when it comes to Rightness or Goodness. This is what it means to make peace; we’re helping and loving those not like us. Stepping outside the tribal bounds to create relations with the other.


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