I need more.

I need more sunshine and 70 (or even 60) degree days.

I need healthy kids.

I need to hear JJ’s excitement over growing a garden and promises to “rig up” another grow light.

I need to practice yoga, again, every day.

I need more homemade vegetable soup.

I need weekends at home, filled with activity and work, but not a full schedule.

I need more time spent with kids reading to me.

I need more evenings with a friend, discussing a better world over wine.

I need more poetry.

I need more time with people who love how they spend their days.

I need more farmer’s markets, local pastured chickens and organic kale. And I need more of that kale put into the salad my sister-in-law made on Easter.

I need more 5-handed euchre.

I need more of Chad on Facebook/Instagram.

I need more Mexican food.

I need more Blazing sunsets.

I don’t need more stuff, more activities, more busy-work. I don’t need bright lights and big titles. I don’t need more clothes, accessories or furniture. I don’t need more connections. I don’t need more entertainment.

I need more of me being me, doing what I do, believing that it matters.


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