Things I love:

  1. Getting a good deal. I’m too poor cheap Wingfield to pay full retail price on (nearly) anything, much less fancy-pants jeans. So when I scored a pair of William Rast dark skinnys for about $15, I feel like I won the lottery.  Bonus: they’re a tad big in the waist. We’ll call these my Self Confidence Pants.

    I'm so hip and stylish now.

    I’m so hip and stylish now.

  2. Saving the earth. Or, at least, putting less waste back into it. Someone’s trash is my treasure, and re-threading the wardrobe could become a hobby that nears the border of obsession. All in the name of earth stewardship, of course.  They also have a fantastic little program for sending in your stuff – and anything that won’t bring a sale is donated to local thrift stores, so nothing goes in the trash.
  3. Great packaging. My little deliveries of joy come with precious little polka dots, delicately wrapped in tissue. I felt like I was purchasing from an upscale boutique.
  4. Free stuff. With my (or anyone’s) referral link, $20 off your initial shopping experience. Also, I get a little store credit as well. We all win!
  5. Thredup.com has been my choice of online thrifting. Thanks to these pants, I’ll probably stay loyal, but I’d love to hear about the places you turn to for fashionable deals.


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