Starting date night with fresh cut french fries in a dark chocolate vinegar (don’t knock it until you try it) and beers.

Wearing make up. Miss M said I looked pretty (“you’d look prettier in a skirt, though”).

Meeting friends for dinner, made possible by a gift certificate.  Talking and laughing too loud.


A much-needed yoga practice.

Time with a wise and beautiful group who make me a better mom, citizen and woman. When we talk about books, we’re talking time and place and character development. And suddenly we’re dropped into Troy, Ohio and education and opportunity and how we want to learn how to engage and live what we believe.

A nap.

Sending the big kids to a game while I snuggle with the baby and research vacations.

Early bedtime for mama.


Brushing off the youth-teaching skills and loving it.  The audible gasp from a middle schooler when he *got* it.

Taking my oldest to a UD basketball game, cheering for an early slam dunk and enjoying popcorn.

Working on pieces for the IF:Lake conference this weekend beside my little helpers.

Game food for dinner. (Did you know I make the world’s best potato skins? Actually, JJ did most of this preparation this time).

Finishing a pile of work before the week starts.

Not getting too braggy because another pile awaits.

Confirming a Bible study for Tuesday morning. Boy, I miss those ladies.

Dreaming big about bringing a well known author right here because why not?

Finishing the Amy Poehler biography.


You see, I have this cup. It’s overflowing. Not from the big, BIG things of life. It’s the simple, the beautiful, the ordinary life, when lived well, that has the power to transform my soul.

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