This is normal in most homes, right?

This is normal in most homes, right? (Also, I asked my children permission to publish this.)

Sunday mornings in our house equate to an extra cup of coffee for mom, dad cooking bacon and eggs, perhaps a show for the kids while we wake up slowly. Then the shenanigans: showering all the little ones and getting ready for church. So it shouldn’t strike me as odd that they started stripping down to race around the house. (Note for future homebuyers who want/have kids: buy a house with a loop. Ours can run through the living room, office and kitchen and make a full circle. This is paramount for entertainment purposes.)

As they were enjoying some Nudie Races, I hear one of them begin to get upset that she’s not in the front. Well, my dear, I tried to explain. It’s a circle. There’s really no front or back. It depends on your attitude if you’re ahead or behind the others.

Oh, friends. What if we lived like this? What if we believed that we’re all making another loop around the sun, instead of believing we must climb to the top first? What if we realized that “ahead” or “behind” can be a tad more relative than we like to believe?

Perhaps we could just approach life like a Sunday morning, plenty of time to run around, never knowing exactly who is in front or behind. Those of us who like to take it fast can run. Those who get winded easily will walk. We wave and giggle as someone passes by and perhaps see one another as inspiration to keep moving, not someone to catch.

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