This past year I made one major life change to make me a better mom: I aim, with an 80% success rate, to be asleep (not just in bed) by 10:00 pm and out of bed (not just awake) by 6:00 am. I have seen a night and day difference in my approach to my waking hours. One would think that climbing out of bed at 5:20 would leave me tired and disgruntled, but after sleeping during prime rest hours I can arise and spend quality time in the peace and quiet, which is what I need nearly as much as added hours of sleep.

Allow me to let a little more of the crazy out. Recently I’ve talked with my yogi gurus about my, ahem, issues. We’ve all got them. Right now, without getting too personal, let it suffice to say that my body is trying to remember what it’s like to not have another human being sucking the life out of it. I’m all sorts of crazy, specifically in my emotions and in my midsection. To think that any of this is a single issue would be silly – I’m a complex being with complex issues. Deep in me, I know I cannot find the miracle vitamin to make it perfect (although, magnesium is pretty close. I’ve been supplementing for quite a while, but I hear it pays to read the directions on your package and take all 3 doses, not just one, to make it effective. Life tip, right there. For free, just for my friends.)

Enter Lia, and Ayurveda. Ayurveda isn’t a diet concept like eating gluten free (which I do) or vegetarianism (which I don’t); while eating plays a leading Fotolia_14177618_Subscription_XXLrole in understanding our health, Ayurveda looks at life as a whole person: when and how you sleep, when you’re productive, how you exercise, and temperament. We’re each uniquely built and Ayurveda asks me the question: what adjustments need to be made to return to my natural, optimal state of being? It operates around the concepts of doshas, which I will not attempt to explain. Why?

Because Lia does it better. And she will! She’s hosting a workshop on October 4 from 12-2 pm to give a basic understanding about Ayurveda in life and health. It gets better: she’s willing to lead a group of us through a seasonal reset, immersing us in an experience of examining life through the lens of Ayurveda. Last year I couldn’t make the workshop and I was nursing during the reset so opted out of the experience. I’m oh-so-jazzed to be getting in on it this year.

Also, if you’re in the Troy area, she’s hosting a free book club through Yellow Tree Yoga on the book Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life by Dr. Claudia Welch. Yep, I’m getting in on that one, too. It will be every other Monday in October and November, starting 10/13.



*Full disclosure, I’m compensated with yoga to help Yellow Tree Yoga get their messages out to their people. But I tell you this of my own accord, not by any request of YTY. They’re just that super.

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