Miss M

This girl. I just adore her spirit. Photo credit: Chad Ledley

Tonight before bed Miss M spontaneously erupted into Christmas list making. After 5 or 6 things it became clear I needed to grab a piece of paper.

  1. Pet Rabbit
  2. Pet Turtle
  3. Fish in a big container that we can feed
  4. A new shirt with a reindeer on it
  5. A chair like daddy’s for hats and shirts
  6. Hats. And shirts.
  7. 2 new books, one about Elsa and one about Anna
  8. A pretty, pretty picture with a horse on it. And sparkles. But not the kind of sparkles we used today to paint with, that would come off in our hands.
  9. New shoes – princess shoes. (Clarification: these are shoes with princesses on them, not necessarily shoes meant for a princess to wear. With snaps.)
  10. A pencil and a crayon. Actually, 2 of each.
  11. A clock with a “kickstand” (the piece that projects the time onto the ceiling). Of course, this is a princess clock.
  12. A new toothbrush. (She mentioned this no less than 4 times. I think she’s serious.)
  13. A Bible to learn how to read.
  14. A pair of pants – not jeans.
  15. 2 flowers that she can water. They would stay on the inside during the winter.
  16. 2 Clothes baskets (perhaps to hold it all in?)

There’s only 100 days until Christmas. I suppose every 4 year old has her list at the ready if you just ask. (BTW, I didn’t ask.)


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