I know, it’s not a clear shot, but I had to prove the arm motions that happen.

Miss M sings her heart out. Mostly in the back seat of the van, she rocks out – complete with arm sways and eyes closed. I love to watch her. I love to see her connection through music, a way of expressing the inexpressible.

She favors the music of the real emotion, the music of story instead of the songs of silly. Our kid songs CDs just don’t always cut it. Frozen, though about a cartoon, carried deeper themes and I’m okay with it being her favorite. If I’m going to have my little girl belting out about love and life, I prefer she does it in regards to things like family and sisterhood and self-acceptance. That is, if she’s not signing about Jesus.

Which brings me to a problem: I don’t enjoy the sugary-sweet K-Love. Honestly, Christian music isn’t my fave (save for the Honorable David Crowder and select others). Something about the production seems so fake and contrived, as if they have a hidden motive behind it. I remember reading a Relevant article once making reference to “prom songs for Jesus” and it has continued to shade the way I hear the genre. (*Note: don’t get me wrong, there is some good Christian music out there… I just don’t think my local Christian radio station plays much of it.) Also, Miss M strongly prefers the female voice, which I believe is largely underrepresented in the Christian music circles, and most of what is present seems to be angsty-teenage-love-turned-toward-God stuff. (Or perhaps that’s because we have a Bethany Dillon CD from when she was 16 in our regular rotation, which I will not remove, thanks to her song Beautiful).

When we take a TV-time out from Frozen, and K-Love blasts White Flag for the 10,000th time, I turn to old school radio. Which, 76% of the time is like playing a game of Russian roulette. Through these gambles, Miss M has developed quite a love for Katy Perry and can sing Roar nearly verbatim. The girl’s got some catchy beats and very girl, you can do it themed songs. Sometimes, perhaps, a bit too much – I’m not sure KP is exactly the role model I want to keep in front of her. (Or maybe she is? Disagree with me, I’d love to be persuaded to an approach that doesn’t require me to change my habits, because I’m lazy like that).

I’m now on the active lookout for good music, preferably with a female voice, that I can feel good putting in front of my daughter, that isn’t by a cartoon character. Does this exist for you? Meaningful and honest lyrics, catchy beat, empowering with a hint of self-control and double-word score if done in the name of Jesus. Where do I find it? (Triple letter score if you include a link!) What do you listen to in the car that isn’t Wheels on the Bus or Birthday?

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