I cannot tell you how many times in the past 5 years I realized everything in my life is more a result of where I come from and the safety nets associated with my upbringing, as opposed to the results of my own good works.

Sure, I’m bright enough to do well in school, but it didn’t earn me enough to pay for my schooling – my father did that.

I’m a hard worker – I like to get things done. But honestly, I’m scared of ladders. Even corporate ones.

We take chances on investments but that’s because we have access to means to make the gamble.

We already had one foot in the race when we started this thing called life. Generations that passed us the baton ran hard, getting far enough ahead in a race we had no idea we were running, starting from birth.

I believe 2 kinds of words to be detrimentally dangerous to humankind: Always/Never language and Us/Them differentiation. It’s not They, Those people. Because so often, they are just like us. More so than we would like to admit. They simply might not have the same roots holding them up when things get hard.



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