There was a day, not too long ago, that I was perfectly content in my blogger world, oblivious to the realities of Interwebs Law. Such as, autorenew your domain name. A few weeks later, via a looooooonnngg convo with a young fellow in Phoenix and 8000 emails with Burak in Southeast Asia and this is what I get:



Fantastic. Fortunately my Personal Internet Genius, Jordan, and I had been discussing making a move from the Big G to my WordPress he had created. So here we go. New digs. Have a looksee around. Put up your feet. Find all those fancy share buttons and email subscribe thingys I hear all about.

Hopefully I’ve fixed things for all the feed-readers out there (are there any of those, thanks to Google yanking the Reader a year ago? And what does the Google have against bloggers anyway? Why do you hate us so?)

Oh, wow. Take a look at these formatting options. Who knew I’d been driving the Ford Escort of the Bloggy world? (No offense to you Escort drivers. They’re cute.)

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