It seems the topic of giving during the holidays spurs thoughtful discussion. Over on the Facebook today several friends shared their perspective, which had some shared veins and some room outside what I wrote. It was like the world’s funkiest Venn Diagram. 

I’m so lucky to have geniuses for friends. 
So, do you know what I’m going to do for you? I’m going to share them! They’re not broken or dirty and I’m not even finished with them. The best kind of gift. Several have agreed to guest post this month on the topic of giving. 
**Arm punch.** I KNOW. How lucky are we?!
In related news, allow me a few clarifications from my post….
I love used stuff. I’ve bought exactly one new article of clothing for my girls thanks to generous hand-me-downs. Praise Jesus for the Clothes Fairy named Erica. And I love thrifting, second-handing and re-purposing. Most of my nieces and nephew’s gifts have been from Goodwill or homemade. I love that it’s cheaper and that it’s considerate of our environment and resources. 
But, as my friend KLM helped me put into words, it’s one thing to made the decision to live simply and opt out of the commercialism of the season; it’s quite another to be living a life of poverty which requires you to depend on everyone else’s leftovers. So while I – we – opt for a frugal lifestyle, it’s not the same as living poor. I think our giving should make that a consideration in some form. Perhaps a few of our guest posters will further these thoughts! 
Also in the spirit of sharing – thank YOU for sharing thoughts. I love a good, meaningful conversation. Cheers!
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