Yesterday’s activities included an afternoon workout, a meeting with a student, having a former student (now’s she’s just a friend) over for dinner with the family, and a meeting with my local food co-op. This all occurred post-3pm. 

I actually went to the meetings and whatnot still in my workout clothes because I’d jammed too much in my schedule. At some point I recalled once living this way as a lifestyle – packing my hours full of points of connection, arriving grubby because I’d rather be present than miss out and be clean. 
I felt fully alive. 
It adds a bit of chaos when I want to spend so much time meeting with people and joining teams; for some, being gone 4 nights of the week sounds awful (and sometimes, it is). But because I enjoy the privilege of being home with my kids during the day, I don’t feel like such a jerk to leave in the evening. 
In fact, I think it makes me a better mother. I love these kids to pieces, but I have to believe it gives them a healthier view of home and family to know that their mother has relationships, passions and dreams outside of cutting food and vacuuming the floor. And not just “later” dreams but “now” steps. I can’t do everything I enjoy, but I get to pick some of my favorites. 
It can’t go without mentioning, however, that it takes a partnership. JJ comes home and after dinner takes on solo bath/bed routines, which can be nearly as exhausting as the rest of the day. I hope he finds his day job as fulfilling as I find my evening work. 
He’s lived with me long enough to know that when I live out my calling, the whole house benefits. The same is true for him and the way he enjoys his time. We have to work together to make these priorities a reality or both of us feel stifled. 
It becomes a two-fold process to find the ways in which your soul comes fully alive – first discovering your own passions and the things that get your blood pumping and making a commitment to leave the house and do it. Then to find those same things and make sure your partner enjoys the same luxury. 
This is definitely an area where I married up. 
Here’s to making sure my spouse can live fully alive, as well. 
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