Today, The Morning After, marks big decisions for the household government. Last night the kids suited up and did the heavy lifting of begging and asking and looking cute so to procure a stash of chocolates and artificially colored sugar. We enjoyed a small feast last night. Today we begin the hard work of governing.

It was so much easier when they were younger and had no idea we were stealing candy or throwing it away. Now Mr. Observant counts his “Sour Mans” and recognizes when they mysteriously disappear. So the adults in the household have to figure out what “fair” looks like.

Do we go for Communism, taking all the candy and dispersing only what each needs to keep them from whining? Or take our cues from Socialism, redistributing the contents of the buckets so we can keep arguments of who has more at bay? Of course, JJ votes for straight Democracy, everyone eating what they earn, in which I remind him such an arrangement often leads to those with the most getting sick on their own greed while the poorest cry out in oppression.

In any case, there will be heavy taxation in the land. If we expect a strong educational program and the department of corrections to be able to reform offenders, we must set aside provisions to make these programs effective. Which includes lots and lots of Reese’s for the administration.

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