I’ve tried so hard to post every [week]day for the past few weeks to get better at making a priority of my writing time. However, an incident with a peanut shard has thrown off my game completely. Every few hours we do drops for H’s eye (where the peanut scratched his cornea), plus we took baby M to the chiro and he’s got some post-adjustment soreness so he slept with me a majority of the night. 

The good news: I waited until 8pm to pour a drink last night. I feel like it might be the biggest victory of the day. Seeing as how we showed up at the doctor and the oldest wasn’t wearing shoes, that probably says something significant about my day. 
Oh, and it rained. Poured. Right during pre-school drop off. 
It seems like such small stuff. But life is full of small stuff. I’d propose that life really is small stuff all wadded up into a crazy, hectic day or week. 
I read the other day that we feel God’s presence on the mountain; it’s there that we get a sense of His faithfulness. 
But we live out our faithfulness to God in the valley. 
So… on to another day. And another 2 trips to doctor’s offices.   
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