I’m newly addicted to writer G over at Momastery (I know, I’m slow to the game. It’s like skinny jeans. I refused to join in when I saw it was popular to see if it was a fad or not;  now that it’s a staple, I feel like I’m finally part of the cool crowd again). So, now that G and I have reached some sort of “where have you been all my life” moment, of course she revolutionized my way of thinking. 

This post on the 3 levels has resurfaced in my thoughts time and time again. While I realized that the way people spoke about things and people tends to reveal a bit about both their character, I had not given it full range of motion in to maturity. But G’s therapist, to whom I now feel I owe a co-pay, hits it on the head. Some people never move out of Level 2 thinking. But those that I love to be around: all 3s. I just don’t have the energy for 2’s like I used to. 
I began to think not only about myself (and general lack of maturity based on this evaluation), but also how it applied to my spiritual self. I see the development of individuals as they navigate the course of faith-life looking similar. After the newness, the initial mountain-top, we hit a valley and allllll is wronnnnnng. With everything. Excuse me for a brief panic attack as I mentally re-live my 20s. 
But then the good ones coast into Level 3. When you can brush off all the shortcomings. The little old ladies who were previously so “out of touch” and “overprotective of their social meetings” are suddenly retired warriors from battles you’re currently fighting. 
I believe I’m starting to come into Level 3 thinking, at least in terms of my faith life. Goodness lies at the heart all of these efforts, of that I’m confident. 
Just don’t ask me to take the same position about things like Walmart, Big Pharma or Monsanto. I’m still in process. 
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