Dear Beautiful, Young, Hip Woman on the Yoga Mat Beside Me, 

Thank you. I so enjoyed our yoga practice this morning. It’s clear you’re a regular. It could have been your well-practiced inversion or your full back bend that drew me to these assumptions. But it was probably your confidence, your ability to listen to your body and respond as needed. Your intuition that didn’t require permission or instruction from the teacher before you moved. Watching gave me inspiration for my own future practice. 
It also led me to a peace about myself. Your body reaps the benefits of regular practice, and when you laid your mat beside me I felt a sense of jealousy and longing for my more fit days rise up inside. Oh, to be young again. 
However, this morning’s practiced centered on gratitude. It began by reflecting on having the opportunity, the time to even make it to the studio this morning. It was thankfulness to those who made the weekend possible, such as my parents. As I reflected on it, I became more grateful for my life as it is. 
My belly may not be firm, but in its softness, it has made a brief home for 4 beautiful creatures. It served as more than decoration, but as a means for bringing life into the world. 
I left more gracious toward my body as it is, not what I wish it would be. I want to treat it with respect and honor because it has served me well. Sometimes service looks a bit saggy and raggedy, but I suppose that if it didn’t cost you something it’s probably not worth the effort. 
So thank you, Beautiful Woman, for your presence. Your confidence seeped off your mat and onto mine. I grew in my gratitude because I saw my current place in life and decided I would choose it any day of the week, not as a constellation prize, but because I love it. 
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