The eldest children spent the past several days with their Papa in Michigan at the lake house, a highlight for them (and papa). It’s been planned for some time that at least Miss M would join him, and H boy won out by getting to tag along. Their days revolved around the kayak. 

Which left me at home with Lady C and the baby. Now, Lady C and I enjoyed some quality time before the baby was born as the bigs spent time at the lake with Grandma Carol, but that time centered around my need for rest and the fact that I was still pregnant. 
Combined with her recent advancement of verbal skills, our time together these past few days has been much more fun and memorable. I rarely get to spend quality one-on-one time with any of the children, but because M Man still spends most of his time in slumber, I could give my utmost attention to this little lady. 
We went to the store a few times. We worked out to Jillian Michaels. We played. She climbed up into my chair to read a book (as is currently). 
Both of my girls have a strong spirit and an independent nature that I cannot describe because they are also soooooo different. Lady C believes she’s one of the big kids and won’t let a lack of faith in her abilities discourage her. She exhibits a sense of confidence that I pray will be left untouched by the trials of middle school. And she has a sweetness that cuddles up to you. She has little reason to doubt that you want to give her your utmost attention because she’s THAT adorable. 
Lady C is also in that adorable toddler stage where she mumbles pretend words as she plays and is entertained easily by 3 coasters, a potholder and one of those round pieces you use to unscrew a jar when it’s stuck. For hours. To make “pancakes”. 
It’s precious and I need to remember it forever. 
Especially as potty training grows into a priority… 
25 months old! 
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