Chirp, chirp. 

I know, it’s been quiet. New babies do that to a mama. And if they don’t, then one of his 3 siblings will somehow divert my attention and take my time. And if I finally sneak away, then it’s my work that gets focus. 
But I cannot complain – it’s coming together beautifully, this little life of mine. It takes time. Patience. Endurance. But these puzzle pieces are making their way to their appropriate quadrants. Allow me to share my joy with you and what I have happening right now, outside of 4 littles and a hubby heading back to school next week. 
In order to afford preschool and a selective occasion to eat out, I’ve started helping small businesses with their social media and other marketing endeavors. I love it, mostly because I love my clients. I love helping people cross something off their list, lightening their load and hopefully growing into their dreams. And for the most part it’s writing and brainstorming, 2 of my favorite things. 
Part of the deal when I quit my job was that I would seek out a few more clients than my initial 2. I’ve helped a few here and there and I’m feeling more confident that the right partnerships will emerge. I even launched my website and professional facebook page today. It’s like, real. As Joey would say, whoa.* 
After my favorite blogger, Sarah Bessey, announced that her book was available for bloggers to review, I hopped my little self over to the website she uses and signed up. I was approved to review her work (squeal!) and another book I thought interesting. I’ve often lamented that my dream job is to read interesting things and tell others about it. This was a huge step closer! So you can expect to hear a little more from me on this blogosphere about where you should be spending your hardback (or kindle!) dollars. I don’t get paid for this, but the sheer joy compensates enough. 
I also hope to be up a tad earlier once school starts, so the other rumblings of this little mind can finally be put into words and sentences. Hitting “publish” is one of the scariest, most exhilerating things I do, but one that I continue to return to like an addict. Someday I’ll think myself into a coma, but I’ll be happy there, pondering and pontificating. 
I finally found my groove in our church, outlets where I can serve. I’m helping co-lead the women’s ministry, starting with an event and class this fall, but also in the development of a team and setting some guiding vision for the ways in which we can serve and meet the needs of the ladies of our community and empower them to grow, connect with others and further God’s Kingdom. Every time I leave a meeting I feel alive and awake. Hint: that’s how you know you’re doing what you’re created to do. 
I’ve pitched in a few other areas (actually, I have an ongoing list…), even preaching. I’m finally feeling as if my calling meets my world without me having to find full-time daycare. Can I just say that it’s a beautiful situation? 
So that’s me. In a nutshell. (“I’m in a nut shell”). I hope the summer – and life in general – has treated you well. 
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