Steak ‘n Shake has a happy hour. Did you know this? For sure. Every day, 2-4pm, half priced drinks – including shakes. This, my friends, is a better deal than the Sonic After 8 shake deal simply based on cost of product per ounce. The SnS shake is waaaay bigger for $1.50 than the Sonic mini for $1. 

And how did I stumble into this intel? I have a source. Her name is Megan. She also informed me that Red Robin french fries – all you can eat, btw – are best dipped in their ranch (TRUE STATEMENT) and that you can ask for a refill basket of said fries while you actually wait on your burger. This chick is nothing short of genius. Oh, and when it comes to birthday free meals, she’s got you covered. I can now give you a complete round up of when to hit which restaurants based on how long from your birthday you have to redeem the meal. 
Simply put, everyone needs a friend like this. Trust me, your life is better for it. 
I began reflecting on the other friends that one simply must find in life.
1. A mechanical handyman. Technically this one came into our life thanks to my husband’s likeability, but I take some credit as I told JJ that I wanted to have Brent work on the car, since his wife and I worked together. It turns out that he also knows a thing or two about plumbing, heating, and pretty much anything with a motor. Even though we’ve moved a distance, we now live with complete confidence we won’t be taken for a ride when it comes to purchases of things that involve motors. All of this, and he makes my husband extremely happy when they finally get together to eat a basket of wings. 
2. A friend that speaks snark. Sometimes people do stupid things. And then you find how hilarious you are at telling others about them. Now, you can’t just post that to FB to let your jerkiness shine to everyone – but a well composed random text sometimes hits the spot. Knowing they won’t think less of you just puts icing on the cake. 
3. Nerd alert friend. I keep a list of a few friends that when conversation flows, I can comfortably let the nerd out. No need to hide the fact that I’ve read random books about drug addiction or follow a blog by a funeral home director nor is it worrisome that I’ve found the information completely fascinating. These friends appreciate the nerdiness and sometimes even ask questions. Bless you. 
4. Dancing friends. Not such awesome dancers that you feel inadequate because you’re sure they’ll be on DWTS next season, but confident ones that you want to join as soon as you see the shoulder start bouncing. *Allison, I’m looking at you.*
5. A friend with connections. I’m not talking backstage passes at the concert or free movie rentals for a year. Instead, I’ve learned that finding a good stylist, chiropractor, doctor, dance class, yoga studio or organic meat source isn’t a task to undertake in solidarity. Finding that friend who knows your personality and understands what you value when they make a recommendation is priceless. 
6. The friend that is nothing like you. I’ve got a couple of these… we just don’t live the same path of life. I LOVE it. Not only does it keep me humble, but it opens my mind when I see that they are healthy, happy, normal (whatever that is) individuals. I don’t have the secrets to life. There is more than one way to skin a cat or make a dinner. The fact that these friends love me and choose to talk to me although I’m a complete nutcase solidifies how necessary it is to keep a stash of friends that don’t always agree – but always love. 
7. Family friends. They have to be around me because they’re family, yet we choose to be together because it’s fun. I love this combination. A level of honesty emerges when you know they’ll always be back. (At least, in our family this is true). There’s something to be said for the people that you can make fun of freely, though if anyone else were to say a negative piece, you’d have to punch them in the neck because hey, that’s my family
I have numerous friends that don’t fit into specific categories, which is probably a valuable category in itself. But time and again I’ve found myself thinking, “what would I do without…” And I always come to the same conclusion: I’m so glad that that for this long in my life, I don’t have to find out. 
Thanks, friends, for being good friends. 
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